Sertplas, a well-established company that has adopted customer satisfaction as its principle, showed its strength with the Volti project and its flawless production approach, which it always feeds with new technologies, continues.


Volti, which is always with electric vehicle users, is designed to eliminate the worry of charging. Volti is always with you with various charging solutions!

Charging Solutions


Why Volt?

1- Volti is user friendly.
Volti products have been developed with the logic of plug and charge. It provides a practical charging experience to its users with simple, understandable signs.

The installation of Volti HOME and Volti STATION products has also been designed with electricians in mind. It is quickly installed by qualified electricians and your vehicle is ready to charge.

2- Volti is safe.
Volti products are SMART. You can safely leave your vehicle after you plug it into the charger. Because Volti constantly monitors the electricity grid and your electric vehicle during charging, thanks to the smart technology inside. It interrupts the charging in case of any malfunction.

When the glitch that caused the charging to be interrupted disappears, charging continues from where it left off without the need for any intervention. All you have to do is trust your charge and your way.

3- Volti resistant.
Volti products are produced according to international quality standards. It is resistant to water, dust and impacts at IP level. You can easily use Volti products both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to the technology inside, it provides safe charging even at ambient temperatures of -25 °C to +50 °C, at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level and at 95% humidity.

4- Volti can be customized.
Volti products can be produced for energy providers, charging operators and automotive companies under their own brands. In this context, Volti can be a solution partner to many companies and can customize its products according to the demands of the companies. Volti, which is 100% domestically produced, offers economical and quality solutions.


With the VOLTI Network mobile application, you can view the locations of the charging stations, see your past usage and make your transactions easily by scanning the QR code.

Our Charging Networks


SERTPLAS, which provides the main supply service to many world-famous automotive companies in a wide range of products from lighting to cables, connectors to vehicle body parts, air hoses and brake couplings, manufactures high-tech products containing embedded software 100% domestically with its R&D center.

Operating in the automotive industry sector since 1955, SERTPLAS exports 83 percent of its production to five continents, primarily European countries, with its national and international quality certificates.

SERTPLAS has started to use its half-century experience in the field of electricity and electronics in electric vehicle technologies that are becoming widespread today and that we will hear frequently in the very near future, and launched its own brand Volti.

In the first quarter of 2021, SERTPLAS launched the first product of the Volti brand, the charger and station for electric vehicles, developed by Turkish engineers from design to production.

Volti will continue to expand its product range and continue to strengthen its presence in the field of electric vehicle technologies.

Our Mission
To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by using the latest technology production techniques and technologies without sacrificing quality.
To present our high technology products to the sectors we serve by investing in Research and Development projects that redefine the future.
To design products that produce solutions to the problems that our customers will encounter in the future by constantly improving our expertise within the company.
To support our colleagues to carry our common value, the Volti brand, forward by creating an environment where they can constantly improve themselves.

Our vision
To make Volti one of the leading supplier brands producing high-tech products in the electric car and renewable energy sector.