Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

SERTPLAS, acts in the awareness of its social responsibilities in all areas from health to environment and education.


SERTPLAS considers the Social Projects as one of its main missions and pays attention to fulfill its social responsibility with different practices every year. SERTPLAS Ethical Practices are followed by the Human Resources Department. The projects are detailed, and implemented after approval of senior management is obtained.

Some Of Our Social Responsibility Projects

* Supporting the Metropolitan Fire Department with our voluntary fire-fighting team

* Blood donation campaign to the Red Crescent

* Collecting aid for disabled people and getting wheelchair

* Organizing donation campaigns for Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations

* Making a Brotherhood Agreement with nearby schools and providing support for issues that need it

* Planting activity with our personnel in order to protect nature

* To raise awareness trainings on violence against women in order to contribute to the solution

* Symbolic military service of our disabled personnel