Human Resources
Career Opportunities in Sertplas

Human Resources

To work in SERTPLAS is a privilege.

Human Resources Policy

As SERTPLAS, We believe that our employees have a great share in the sustainable success and we see them as the most valuable assets of our company. By providing a peaceful working environment where respect, understanding and trust are prioritized, we strive to support the success of our employees and to strengthen their loyalty to our company.

With our Human Resources Management Processes; we aim to employ human resources that are open to innovation and change, dynamic, constantly aiming to improve itself, caring about ethical values; at the same time we keep the satisfaction and motivation of our employees high.

Training and Development

As SERTPLAS Human Resources we attach great importance to training and development with thought ''Investment in human is the highest return on investment.'' . We know that one of the most important factors for SERTPLAS to achieve its vision of being the leader in its sector is to ensure the continuous development of our employees.

We plan the training needs of our employees within the framework of our Performance Management System and Career Management practices.

We are trying to increase the competence of our employees with the trainings that planned as Internal Training and Outsourced Training like Personal Development Trainings, Quality Trainings, Computing Trainings, Vocational-Technical Trainings and Internal Processes Trainings. We also support the training and development journey that started with the orientation program which they will receive training in all departments for our new employees, throughout the working period.

Internship Opportunities

As SERTPLAS A.Ş.; We provide internship opportunities for high school and university students. In this way, we aim to identify the potential human resources of our company in the future while preparing the students for business life.

SERTPLAS Smiling Practices

Company culture is one of the most important issues that is valued as Human Resources. As it can be understood from the concepts of ’'Teamwork'’ and '' To Adopt the SERTPLAS'' that are among our values, we attach great importance to team spirit and sense of belonging at SERTPLAS. In order to create this corporate culture within the company, we manage all our Human Resources processes in this direction and support this with all works that we have done from the right employee selection to the satisfaction of our employees.

Within our company, we call ''SERTPLAS Smiling Practices'' our activities we come together that have a great impact on the formation of this environment. Within the scope of this, we organize birthday celebrations, company dinners, tournaments, picnics and various social events and at the same time we offer opportunity our employees to know each other more closely.

Are you ready to be part of the SERTPLAS family?

Please send us your CVs by specifying the position that you want to work. The CV file format should be word, txt or pdf, up to 15 mb.

Your CVs are examined by our Human Resources Department and are contacted you if your application is evaluated as positive. Please make sure your contact information is up to date.